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Masquerade (Instr.)

Swing Out Sister

no cover present


Performers Swing Out Sister
Corinne Drewery (vocals)
Andy Connell (keyboard)
Luís Jardim (percussion)
Chyna (background voice)
Dee Lewis (background voice)
Nat Augustin (background voice)
Derek Green (background voice)
Martin Jackson (drumcomputer)

Composers Andy Connell Corinne Drewery

Date of recording at about 1989


Kaleidoscope World

Swing Out Sister

no cover present

Record Label Tonstudio Lanz / 838 293-2

Year of production 1989

1. You on my mind
2. Where in the world
3. Forever blue
4. Heart for hire
5. Tainted
6. Waiting game
7. Precious words
9. Between strangers
10. Kaleidoscope affair
11. Coney island man
12. Precious words (instrumental)
13. Forever blue (string mix)
14. Masquerade (instrumental)