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Let Me

Make Plain

Let Me


Performers Make Plain
- Luca Imperiali (background voice, vocals)
- Andrea Zinzi (acoustic guitar, background voice, electric guitar)
Andrea Aloisi (violin)
Reinaldo Rodrigues (background voice)
Massimiliano Vitale (violin)
Jonas Macullo (synthesizer, piano)
Christoph Pedretti (bass)
Marco Cuzzovaglia (drums)

Composers Luca Imperiali Andrea Zinzi Make Plain

Date of recording at about 2016
1 January 2016 - 31 December 2016


Side Street

Make Plain, Sugar Blue, Frank Salis, Marco Guarnerio, Andrea Aloisi

Side Street

Record Label Profimedia / Polo della Musica

Year of production 2016

1. The Run   
2. Once   
3. Nowhere Man   
4. Song for Anyone   
5. Hard Times   
6. Smile   
8. Stand By Me   
9. Lady D'Arbanville   
10. Oh My Oh My   
11. The Beauty of This Life   
12. Mysterious Girl