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Ballerina Girl

Virginia Light

Ballerina Girl


Performers Virginia Light (vocals, guitar)

Composers Lars van Everdingen Rick Laine Ricardo Sanz

Date of recording at about 2014


I Believe

Virginia Light, Lena Schenker

I Believe

Record Label R&T Music-Records

Year of production 2014

1. Life (Intro)   
3. I Believe   
4. Dream On   
5. Shining Star   
7. The Truth Beneath   
8. I F**king Hate You   
9. Swallow Your Pride   
10. I Don't Need You Now   
11. Take My Heart   
12. Come Back Home Again   
13. Fly   
14. What Did I Do Right   
15. Is It Me, Is It You?   
16. I Believe (Acoustic-Version)