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A Birthday Greeting

Ella Ronen

A Birthday Greeting


Performers Ella Ronen (vocals)
Mark Kelly (background voice)
Luk Zimmermann (percussion, guitars)
Florian Favre (wurlitzer piano)
Andreas Moor (background voice)
Yael Keshales (background voice)
Roni Keshales (background voice)

Composers Ella Ronen

Date of recording at about 2013


Mirror Maze

Ella Ronen, Mark Kelly

Mirror Maze

Record Label Sophie Records / LC 15074

Year of production 2014

1. Inventory   
2. Please   
3. Mirror Maze   
5. Army Song   
6. Shut Up & Hug Me   
7. Here We Are Again   
8. Happily Ever After   
9. Two Roses   
10. It's Gonna Get A Whole Lot Worse   
11. The World Ends   
12. Wendy's Song