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When Chris Klein and Dave Bechtel first thought about founding a band of their own, they only knew this much: we wanted to make powerful music that comes from the stomach, triggers strong emotions, goes right through you and straight to the heart.'We didn't care into which scheme our music would fit,' Bechtel recalls. 'We started writing a couple of songs and were also looking for some material to cover, when the first CDs from Garth Brooks, Billy Ray Cyrus, Travis Tritt and others went right up the charts.' That was the time when the term "New American Music" or "New Country" arose. Klein and Bechtel were unanimous: if it had to be some musical stereotype, then let it be this one.In 1997 Baton Rouge published their first album ‹‹The first cut››, a mix of covers and their own songs. Especially worth mentioning: ‹‹I want you bad››, a rocking duet with Chris Klein and Maja Brunner, the uncrowned Swiss queen of popular songs, and the title ‹‹Angéline››, on which Florian Ast plays Schwizerörgeli (Swiss-style Accordion). This song, inspired by Cajun music, bestowed upon the band quite a bit of radio airplay and a TV-appearance.Between 1997 and 2003 Baton Rouge toured across the Swiss country scene and gathered stage experience as well as live-presence.In 2003 the live-album ‹‹Livestyle›› came out, with which Baton Rouge proved that they belong to the best live-bands in the scene concerned.Strictly musically Baton Rouge are no trendsetters but their way of bringing southern rock, country, Tex-Mex, rock'n'roll, blues and pop all under one hat still makes them unique and unmistakable. They wish their audience to have fun, at times even goose bumps or wipe a little tear from their eyes. That's it and that's a lot.With the musicians Andy Gisler (guitar) and Stefan Kuhn (drums) as well as keyboarder Martin Aschwanden, Bechtel and Klein found the ideal cast: Baton Rouge now sound as compact and powerful as never before and every chord rings out the pure joy of playing.

In 2006 Baton Rouge set about recordings for their third album. For the first time they ventured to record an entire album with self-written material only, which also reflects the broad musical range of the band. For a recording studio the band chose the ‹‹Doorknocker Studio›› of their very own guitarist Andi Gisler.

At the close of 2007 all recordings for the CD were done. For mix and mastering the band engaged two international top-shots: Grammy-Award winner Bob Bullock and Jim deMain.

The new album with the title „Heartbeat in the Universe“ was released in april 2008. An album, which is not «pure country» anymore, but very American style. Baton Rouge melt Pop, Rock, Blues, Country and a lot more to a fascinating mix. The coast was worth the money: Three month after the release, the two singles «True Love» und «Life Could Be Easy» as well as three other titles from the album made their way to several swiss radio stations like the the main stations DRS 1, DRS 3 und Radio Swiss Pop.

In december, the band released their third Single "Please don't let me down".