Lady Luck (Radio Edit)

Paul Camilleri

Lady Luck (Radio Edit)


Interpreten Paul Camilleri (acoustic guitar, vocals)
Felix Müller (background voice, bass)
Christian Roffler (hammond)
Steve Holley (percussion, drums)

Urheber Paul Camilleri Roy Wilders

Aufnahmedatum Juli 2004


Another Sad Goodbye

Paul Camilleri, Popa Chubby

Another Sad Goodbye

Label Pepper Cake (ZYX) / PEC 2003-2

Produktionsjahr 2004

1. Heart Of Stone
2. Another Sad Goodbye
3. Poor Heart
4. Mister P.C.
5. Lady Luck
6. Messin' With My Heart
7. Keep Me Movin'
8. Let My Guitar Talk
9. It's Too Late
10. When The Night Comes
11. All Went Wrong
12. I Can's Wait Until Tonight
13. Ain't Givin' Up