Come Back And Stay

Paul Young

Come Back And Stay


Interpreten Paul Young (vocals)

Urheber Jack Lee

Aufnahmedatum ca. 1983

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From Time To Time. The Singles Collection

Paul Young, Zucchero Fornaciari

From Time To Time. The Singles Collection

Label Sony, Columbia / 468825 2

Produktionsjahr 1991

3. I'm only foolin' myself (= fooling)   
4. Senza una donna (Without a woman)   
5. I'm gonna tear your playhouse down   
6. Broken man   
7. Everything must change   
8. Wonderland   
9. Don't dream it's over   
10. Love of the common people   
11. Wherever I lay my hat (that's my home)   
12. Both sides now   
13. Some people   
14. Oh girl   
15. Softly whispering I love you