What Are We Waiting For

Alannah Myles & Zucchero

What Are We Waiting For


Interpreten Alannah Myles (vocals)
Zucchero (vocals)
Zucchero Fornaciari (vocals)

Urheber Phil Roy Simon Wilson Siobhan Maher

Aufnahmedatum ca. 1997

Im Programm

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Myles And More. The Very Best Of

Alannah Myles, Zucchero

Myles And More. The Very Best Of

Label Ark 21 Records Universal / 013 515 2

Produktionsjahr 2001

1. Black Velvet
2. Like Flames (Album Version)
3. Everybody's Breakin' Up = Everybody's breakin' up
4. Love Is
5. Song Instead Of A Kiss
6. Sonny Say You Will
7. Our World, Our Times
8. Long Long Time
9. Great Divide
10. Family Secret
11. Lover Of Mine
12. Bad 4 You = Bad 4 you
Stolen hearts (Film)
14. You Love Who You Love
15. Still Got This Thing
16. Alibi