Half As Good As You

Tom Odell feat. Alice Merton

Half As Good As You


Interpreten Tom Odell (piano, vocals)
Alice Merton (vocals)
Max Clilverd (acoustic guitar, electric guitar)
Max Goff (e-bass)
Andrew Burrows (Drums, percussion)

Urheber Tom Odell

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2017 - ca. 2018


Jubilee Road

Tom Odell, Alice Merton

Jubilee Road

Label SMI / Columbia / 19075867962

Produktionsjahr 2018

1. Jubilee Road
3. Son of an Only Child
4. You're Gonna Break My Heart Tonight
5. China Dolls
6. Queen of Diamonds
8. Go Tell Her Now
9. Don't Belong In Hollywood
10. Wedding Day
11. If You Wanna Love Somebody (Single Version)