Road Song

Last Avenue

Road Song


Interpreten Last Avenue
- Martin Gaisser (background voice, vocals, guitar)
- Mathias Bucher (background voice, guitar)
- Jérémie Bochet (background voice, bass)
- Sam Jäggi (drums)
Admiral James T.

Urheber Martin Gaisser Michael "Michi" Ineichen

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2013


Higher And Higher

Last Avenue, Moritz Biel, Martina Linn

Higher And Higher

Label Last Avenue / s.n.

Produktionsjahr 2014

2. Transistor Radio   
3. This Is The Love   
4. Jimmy The Frog   
6. Going On By Myself   
7. The Road Into The Night   
8. Taste The Smell Of You   
9. Island Town   
10. Ain't No Woman   
11. This Feeling's Coming On   
12. Sweet Susie Rock 'n' Roll