We Built This City


We Built This City


Interpreten Starship

Urheber Bernie Taupin Martin Page Dennis Lambert Peter Wolf

Aufnahmedatum ca. 1985


Best. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Starship

Best. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

Label BMG Phono Music / 27200750 B

Produktionsjahr 1997

1. Somebody to love
2. Volunteers
3. Watch her ride
4. Ballad of you and me and Pooneil
5. White rabbit
6. Miracles
7. With your love
8. Light the sky on fire
9. Jane
10. Runaway
11. Count on me
12. Find your way back
13. Save your love
15. Sara
16. Nothing's gonna stop us now
17. Transatlantic
18. Babylon
19. It's not over ('til it's over)