Steve Poltz

geboren am 19.2.1960

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Steve Poltz

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Steve Poltz

Steve Poltz (born February 19, 1960) is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter, and guitarist, now living in California. He is a founding member of the indie-rock band The Rugburns and is best known for his collaborations with singer Jewel, who brought one of the songs he wrote to 2nd place on the charts.[1]

As a solo artist, he often performs acoustic-only "good old-fashioned sing-along" shows. His songs have been noted for their simple melodies and satirical lyrics.


Poltz was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and later immigrated with his family to Pasadena, California, then to Palm Springs, California. He attended the University of San Diego, where he received a degree in political science, he met guitarist Robert Driscoll and The Rugburns were formed. Poltz and his bandmates developed a local and national cult following by playing coffeehouses and bars. While performing dates at the Innerchange Coffeehouse in San Diego, he formed a relationship with Jewel, frequently opening for her on tours, co-writing songs, and appearing in her music video for "You Were Meant For Me." The song won her 2nd place on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 song charts, charting in four other categories in the USA, and several European countries. Poltz has also covered songs by others, which include some Jerry Hannan songs at live gigs.

In 1998, Poltz released his first solo album, One Left Shoe, for Mercury Records. A disagreement in the artistic direction of his material led to him leaving the label and forming his own company, 98 Pounder Records. Five years later, he recorded Chinese Vacation, an album heavily influenced by the events of September 11th and the murder of one of his closest friends. During a radio interview and performance on the Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw radio program, he performed a "male" version of "You Were Meant For Me". During the bridge, he went on a 5-minute rant on David Cassidy and assorted stories in Las Vegas, including one that led to the album name "One Left Shoe". Poltz also performed the song on the Bob and Tom Show and included the Cassidy story during the bridge.

In 2000, Poltz was awarded the title of San Diegos Most Influential Artist of the Decade at the 2000 San Diego Music Awards.

In 2012, Poltz guest-starred in the web series Up the Creek as a Canadian country singer named Peeve Stoltz.[2] He improvised the songs in the episode during filming.

Poltz has collaborated as a songwriter with A. J. Croce on Croce's 2004 album Adrian James Croce.

According to his website biography, Poltz considers "Everything About You" to be the favorite among his own songs. It appears on the soundtrack album to the movie Notting Hill.

Poltz is known to name his various guitars. They include Smokey Joe, which he saved from being destroyed, Clickity-Clack, Flowerpot, and Trailer-Trash. Unfortunately, Clickity-Clack went missing after someone stole his Ford pickup.


  • One Left Shoe (Mercury, 1998)
  • Conversations Over a Cerveza (Mercury, 1998)
  • Answering Machine (Scam-o-Rama Records)[3]
  • Live at Largo (98 Pounder, 2000)
  • Chinese Vacation (98 Pounder, 2003)
  • The Barn with Songs by Steve Poltz (98 Pounder, 2007) [4]
  • Traveling/Unraveling (98 Pounder, 2008)
  • Dreamhouse (98 Pounder, 2010)
  • Noineen Noiny Noin (98 Pounder, 2012)


  • "Silver Lining" (Polygram, 1998)


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